Super & Pension


Superannuation is a way to save money for your future retirement income. It is important to understand how much super you’ll need, and how to best manage the money for your retirement.

Through super, you can hold a wide range of investments such as shares, property and cash. Superannuation is attractive because it receives favourable tax treatment, both when you are working and once you have retired. The government offers these tax savings to encourage you to build your retirement savings.

Employers must typically pay super contributions on behalf of their employees. You can also choose to add money into super out of your own pocket. If you are self employed, you can choose whether to contribute to super.

— How much super you will need
— How to best invest your funds in super
— Which product is best for you (Industry, Retail, Wholesale, SMSF)
— Making personal contributions
— When can you withdraw your super
— Managing your own super fund (Self Managed Super Fund
— Government rules and regulations around super


How much superannuation will you need?

What is a building for retirement strategy?

Transition to Retirement

Transition to Retirement income streams allow you to withdraw up to 10% of your Superannuation savings in the form of a pension without needing to stop work. If you’re nearing retirement age you might not be looking to leave the workforce yet. Maybe you want to save more money, or enjoy the mental stimulation or interaction. Whatever the reason, having access to a transition to retirement (TTR) income stream could provide greater financial flexibility, as you can periodically withdraw money from your super while continuing to work full-time, part-time or casual. Talk to us about this strategy.


During your working life you receive regular income in the form of a salary or business income. In retirement, this regular income stops, so you need to draw on your savings to meet your lifestyle costs. You set up your savings, so you still receive regular payments just like a salary. This is called a ‘retirement income stream’. The type of income stream you can start at retirement depends on whether your savings are inside or outside of super. There are a number of products that can help you to continue to receive an income such as Account based pensions or Annuities.

Talk to us about setting up a retirement income stream:

  • Learn how you can save on paying tax
  • Will you have enough to live on
  • Guaranteeing income for life
  • When you can you access your money


Five simple steps to help grow your superannuation

Do you have insurance through superannuation?