Protecting your Retirement Income

Retirement for some may be time to explore the world and see the places that you haven’t seen before and take on new challenges. For others, it simply means spending more time with the grandchildren and enjoying time with your family. Or perhaps a bit of both. Either way, your retirement funds have to last you a long time.

Australians are living longer due to improvements in medicine and changes to lifestyle. There is a one-in-two chance that one member of a couple age 60 today will live to age 90. So even if you plan your retirement income strategy using today’s average life expectancy, there is a good chance you’ll live beyond this age.

Putting in place a suitable retirement plan will increase the likelihood of living a financially secure retirement to enable you to reap the rewards of your working life. Retiring from the workforce does not mean an end to receiving an income. We can help you to maximise your returns by guiding you to choose the right allocated pension or annuity and maximising your eligibility for any social security entitlements.


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